Pulse Research in Alberta

Every year, Alberta Pulse Growers invests in research to ensure pulse producers and the pulse industry in Alberta stay profitable, sustainable, and competitive. We do that by supporting projects that help growers in three important areas: Grow Genetics; Grow Yield; and Grow Sustainability.

Click here to view descriptions of research projects funded by APG in 2014-15.

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Click here to learn more about APG-funded research in the Root Rot in Peas and Lentils in Western Canada document updated for December 2016.

Grow Genetics

Alberta Pulse Growers supports a variety of projects that help grow genetics:

  • CDC Pea Breeding
  • CDC lentil breeding
  • CDC chickpea breeding
  • AAFC Bean Breeding
  • AAFC Pea Breeding
  • Trialing of genetic materials into broad agro climatic zones
  • Trialing European pea genetics with superior resistance to fusarium
  • Pyramiding fungal and powdery mildew resistance genes in elite pea varieties

Grow Yield

Alberta Pulse Growers supports a variety of projects that help grow yield:

  • Developing management options for herbicide resistant weeds in field pea, lentil and chickpea
  • Integrated control of lentil cultivars with improved amylose/amylo pectin content
  • Solid seeded dry beans
  • Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) and fungicides
  • Field Proofing Growth hormones as a method of counteracting heat stress in peas
  • Improving field pea production and competitive ability using genotypic mixtures
  • Evaluating the variation in competitive ability among semi-leafless field pea cultivars
  • Effects of herbicide and N fertilizer on nodulation and fixation of lentils

Grow Sustainability

Alberta Pulse Growers supports a variety of projects that help grow sustainability:

  • Long-term soil fertility effects of included peas in a four year cropping system
  • Crop rotations to minimize inputs
  • Irrigated cropping systems for sustainable production
  • Nitrogen fixation and multi-year N release from pulse crop residues
  • Selection of dry beans for improved nitrogen fixation and nitrogen use efficiency.