Alberta Pulse Growers

Where To Buy

Where to Buy Pulses

Pulses, including peas, beans, lentils, and chickpeas, grow across Alberta can usually be found in any major grocery store. Canned pulses will be found in the canned goods or canned beans sections, while bags of dried pulses will typically be found either near the bags of rice and other dried grains or in the ethnic section.

Canadian-grown pulses are also available through a variety of sources.  

Dried Pulse Products

Products Name Size Vendors / Retailers
Assorted dried beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas Blue Sky Harvest 500 g
10 kg
Devon: IGA
Leduc: Sobeys
Red Deer: Sobeys

Assorted dried beans and peas   About 1 kg Calgary: Prairie Farms, Kingsland Market
Whole and split peas (yellow and green) St. Paul Municipal Seed Cleaning 25 kg From St. Paul plant
PH: 780-645-3939

If a pulse product in a major retailer is labelled Product of Canada, the product is likely grown on the Canadian prairies. Kashmir Valley brand pulses, which are grown in the Canadian prairies and packaged in Saskatchewan, are available at select Sobey's stores across Alberta and in some Calgary Co-ops.

Processed Pulse Products 

Products Name Size Vendors / Retailers
No Nuts peabutter Mountain Meadows 400 g

All major retailers

Crispeas: salted, ranch, barbecue, wasabi KSL Foods 52 gram (24/box)

Calgary:  Going Nuts, Calgary Farmer’s Market
Edmonton: Kinnikinnick Foods
Southern Alberta: Grassy Lake & Seven Persons

Edmonton & area: Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market
St. Albert Farmer’s Market
Save-on: all Alberta stores (Alberta Local Products)


Dried soups Souptacular About 250 g

Pulse Flours

Products Name Size Vendors / Retailers
Golden pea flour Mountain Meadows 1.5 kg From Legal plant
Yellow pea flour Best Cooking Pulses (Manitoba) 1.5 kg Calgary: Gluten Free Marketplace
Yellow pea fibre Best Cooking Pulses (Manitoba) 1.5 kg Calgary: Gluten Free Marketplace