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International Year of Pulses 2016

Alberta Pulse is pleased to be celebrating International Year of Pulses 2016, as declared by the United Nations. IYP2016 will be a celebration that recognizes the contribution that peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas make to global nutrition, health, food security and environmental sustainability. It will also provide the momentum to share the message with the world about these fabulous pulses that we grow.

The four main theme areas of IYP are:

  • Food Security, Nutrition & Innovation;
  • Productivity & Environmental Sustainability;
  • Market Access & Stability; and
  • Creating Awareness.

Check out the IYP Creating Awareness video series. 

The series of three videos outlines the main attributes that we are promoting about pulses. 

Please find the videos here:

IYP Lesson Plans Available through Ag in the Classroom

Agriculture in the Classroom Canada has partnered with Pulse Canada to offer lesson plans for educators across Canada and bring curriculum linked pulse concepts to the classroom. Click here to learn more.


The Alberta Pulse Showcase

The Alberta Pulse Showcase was a successful Alberta event as part of the 2016 IYP celebration. In partnership with the Alberta Pulse Growers and Alberta Agriculture & Forestry's Food and Bio-Processing Branch, new products were developed with industry partners that used Canadian peas, beans, faba beans and their fractions. Products presented at three Alberta Pulse Showcase events in 2016 included:

  • Ready to eat meat bars
  • Ravioli
  • Old-fashioned black and red licorice
  • Hot Italian and chorizo sausages
  • Decadent, rich chocolate cake
  • Thin and crispy chips
  • Sweet, delicate macarons
  • Savoury beef patties
  • Frozen vanilla and chocolate flavoured desserts
  • Healthy dog treats

Continuing beyond 2016, the goal is to further increase awareness and the local consumption of pulses and pulse ingredients in value-added food products. 

Watch the videos below to see the highlights from The Alberta Pulse Showcase events that took place in November 2016:

The Alberta Pulse – Scientists in Action

The Alberta Pulse – Celebrating International Year of Pulses (IYP)

The Alberta Pulse – Industry Partner Testimonials

General Youtube Videos - Alberta Agriculture webpage


APG's IYP 2016 Calendar

Celebrate IYP by picking up a limited edition calendar produced by APG in celebration of this special year. The printed calendar features roomy, detachable pockets for storing monthly farm receipts. It will be available in limited quantities at events where APG has a booth. If you would rather print your own calendar, the file is available here.


Visit this site regularly for updates on Alberta IYP celebrations. 

Visit to view the national website, and for the international website. For delicious pulse recipes from around the world, visit